Interview with Ms Jennifer Klinkel, certified Medical Nail Technician

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November 16, 2016
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March 2, 2017

Interview with Ms Jennifer Klinkel, certified Medical Nail Technician

Interview with Ms Jennifer Klinkel, certified Medical Nail Technician.

Ms Jennifer Klinkel is a certified Medical Nail Technician who owns AT YOUR FEET, LLC business. Her main purpose is to help clients with foot problems like need for callous debridement and thick fungal nails. She is a big advocate of Oregano Oil, has been using it and got surprised at its benefits when it comes to Nail Treatment.

When did you first discover oregano oil?

My brother told me over 20 years ago that Oregano was a very powerful supplement for the immune system. I took it sporadically over the years. I was never sure what kind to buy.  Most recently I discovered Zane Hellas,  with the help of my daughter who is extremely well studied in herbology  and the medicinal value of plants. We initially ordered your oil to take as a supplement. Then, we discovered you had the softgels!  That made it way easier to take it!

What do you use oregano oil for and what results have you had?

I am a certified Medical Nail Technician. I own my business, AT YOUR FEET, LLC. I help clients with foot problems like need for callous debridement and thick fungal nails. I discovered FUNGUS STOP, your treatment for nail fungus, experimented with it and now ALL my clients with nail fungus are using it with great success!
I am convinced that the best Oregano is the Wild Greek Oregano. I didn’t know about Carvacol. I love the educational piece you include in your packages.

How long have you been a Zane Hellas Customer?

I will estimate about 8 months.

How did you first discover the Zane Hellas brand?

I was taking the softgels for immune boosting. I had always suspected oregano would kill nail fungus but hadn’t ever had my clients try it. I asked a client to experiment with your Oregano Oil from the dropper bottle on her toenails. I didn’t have any to sell her so she said she would order it online. When she came for her next appointment we saw her nails had 6 weeks of new healthy growth for the first time since I first started cleaning and thinning her nails TWO YEARS AGO! Then, she said, “I have something to show you!” She had discovered your nail fungus treatment on your website!!!! She handed me a bottle. We laughed and I told her I hadn’t even thought to check your website. I had been ordering the oil and softgels on Amazon! This event started a huge change in my business with ALL of my nail fungus clients using it now! And I share with them about the need to take oregano to treat internally.

The other day on the morning news I heard about a new germ called CRE. The report said it is resistant to ALL antibiotics. Of course this is not true. Bacteria cannot adapt to plant based antibiotics, only synthetic antibiotics. So I advise ALL my clients, friends and family to take it every day in the form of the softgel. My mother is almost 90 years old. She has been diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Taking synthetic antibiotic is very hard on her immune and digestive system. She felt a urinary tract infection coming on. We treated with first one, then two then three softgels a day. The problem went away, all discomfort vanished. She will remain on three a day as immune support. My daughter is very ill and immune suppressed due to doctors over-prescribing synthetic abtibiotics in her childhood. She takes the softgels every day and has managed to fight off colds and flu.

Do you have a favorite Zane Hellas product?

The softgels!!!! And the dried Oregano you gift in your packages for cooking!!! You could never cook with the oil unless you just used a toothpick to dip into the bottle and then stir it into your recipe. It is too strong. It is nice to have the dried Oregano, and it looks pretty in food recipes too.

If you were off to a desert island and could only take 3 products, what would you take?

If I could take vitamin supplements and only three I would take a good multivitamin, vitamin C powder, and Oregano softgels!

Is there a particular product you would like to see from Zane Hellas in the future?

If there was a way to help people stop smoking by smoking Oregano, they could wean down the habit of actually holding a cigarette and going through the action of smoking, but the Oregano would be going into their lungs. I know you probably don’t want to associate with any kind of cigarette, but I just wonder if this could help people quit, and I wonder if it would be safe?  I don’t smoke, but I know so many people who are in the claws of nicotine addiction and want to quit but say they can’t. Cigarettes are killing so many people.

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