My Recovery From Sepsis and Cellulitis

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September 1, 2017

My Recovery From Sepsis and Cellulitis

“My Recovery From Sepsis and Cellulitis:: A guest blog from Adam Bailey.

Today I wanted to talk about some Naturopathic things I have been doing that I believe have made a difference in my recovery. From recent posts, you will see lots of talk about yoga techniques I have been using to assist in my recovery from sepsis and cellulitis. I guess these tools have been charging up my energetic body, specifically pranayama breathing techniques and sun eating or Surya yoga. The legs up the wall thing is a very physical practice with obvious physical benefits.

It is good to find a happy marriage between conventional allopathic medicine and naturopathic techniques. I have been very diligent continuing to take my anti-biotics and following the doctor’s advice. This hasn’t been easy or without a reservation on my part, there are quite nasty side effects to Clindamycin and I have had a few of those to deal with. Nevertheless, I have reached for a bit of humility to allow the thought to exist that the Doctors who have looked after me thus far, definitely saved my life and spend all day every day supporting people recover, so they might actually know what they are doing 🙂

This thought can happily co-exist with the idea that my inner intuitive healer can get an education and research complementary naturopathic techniques that can work hand in hand with my meds and the yoga and my immune system and so on. God bless Google and the age that we live in. There is so much good information out there that can help. Of course we need to be discriminating about our information sources but personally, I find by reading six to ten information sources around the one subject area, I tend to find a consensus view that looks solid and workable.

For my malady, garlic, external use of coconut oil, external use of oregano oil, external use of tea tree oil, warm turmeric milk seemed to be the ideas to focus in on.

  1. Oregano Oil

This one is a new one to me. It is important to read the instructions for use I discovered after putting a few drops of undiluted essential oil on the back of my hand!! Doh! Boy does this stuff kick like a mule!

It kicks in such a way as I absolutely can sense it is kicking that cellulitis’ arse. I was drawn to the Zane Hellas brand, there is something re-assuringly Mediterranean about their product. I am really happy to endorse it for its potency. I’m also going to be trying their capsules to manage gut health

  1. Coconut Oil

My recent research revealed coconut oil is more than just soothing to the skin it’s also strongly anti-bacterial and antifungal too. Once again a prime agent for me in the fight against cellulitis. The first external application of coconut oil was like a revelation it immediately had a positive effect on the swelling in my right arm. I also had some discoloration of the skin around the elbow and an itchy rash around my heels and ankles, all of these symptoms were alleviated with coconut oil.

  1. Tea Tree

I regularly use tea tree oil externally for any bits of skin weirdness. Turns out it was widely used prior to the first World War to treat war injuries prior to the advent of the use of antibiotics. Another essential oil that is widely anti-microbial and antibacterial. I use both the essential oil and a tea tree cream which I find to be very effective.

  1. Garlic

Garlic is widely known to be anti-viral and antibacterial. Whats interesting is that it can attack antibiotic-resistant strains of Staphylococcus aureus, whilst still be preserving your good gut bacteria. This makes it absolutely ideal for fighting my combination sepsis and cellulitis. My personal tip for getting the garlic down is fairly hardcore, my inner healer says you need to take it raw and minced. This is quite tough on the taste buds so a few ways I do this is to make up a sort of bruschetta. In the bast, I have made toast spread with freshly crushed raw minced garlic topped with mayonnaise and tomato. Not bad actually. These days I go for toast spread with garlic and then tzatziki or taramasalata. I have a cheese on garlic toast recipe which I will that is good too. The idea that an extract of garlic capsule or a complete clove of garlic is in anyway as potent as the method I’m suggesting just doesn’t cut it for me. Go hardcore!

Here’s an excellent article on some of the many benefits of garlic.

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